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Standard or Delux Pawdicure

Taking care of your dog’s feet is crucial.  If your dog walks mainly on grass you may find that the nails grow too long leading to potential nail damage, pain, and infection. Road walking can lead to hard chapped pads. The hair between the pads can collect debris which may form hard masses between the pads making it painful for your dog to walk, regular general attention to the feet, therefore, is so important. Treating your furry friend to a regular Pawdicure not only helps them feel better but you know the health of their feet is being monitored too.




Our Standard Pawdicure offers a full nail clip and file followed by trimming around the pads to remove excess hair and debris. Grapeseed oil is then massaged into the pads to add protection and moisturize the pads.



OurDelux Pawdicure offers all the benefits of our basic Pawdicure but with additional luxury treatments that will leave your pooch’s paws feeling and looking just fabulous.  A full nail clip and file is followed by trimming around the pads to remove excess hair and debris. The paws are then soaked in a warm spa paw wash and gently massaged to help those tired aching feet.  The pads are then exfoliated. Once dried, Organic Grapeseed oil is applied to the pads followed by a gentle moisturizing balm to help soothe and prevent dry and sore paws.  If you wish, we can add a coat of nail polish in a colour of your choice for that extra special finish.



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