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Meet our team

We have a diverse group of people working at Sleek & Chic.   Each of the 5 groomers working at Sleek and Chic has been trained either by an official grooming training body or by way of an apprenticeship. You can be assured that your pet will receive a high standard of care and expertise.


Each team member brings their own strength to our busy salon. If you find a groomer that you particularly like, then please let us know and we will ensure they groom your dog each time. On the other hand, if you are not happy with the groom by one of our groomers, simply ask for someone different! There is no need to change salons, simply change groomers, we are never offended by this request as we all recognise each others strengths.


Alison Moya

Alison is the owner of Sleek & Chic and has been in the Pet Industry for over 20 years and grooming for 17 years following formal training at a grooming school. Alison also provides the Oral Care service for Emmi Pet

Kate Bromwich (groomer)

Kate started with us as part of a training programme in early 2013.  For the first year she worked as an assistant to our groomers and then in 2014 she decided to undertake the official dog grooming course at Pencoed college.  Kate is now working as a groomer with us and the quality of her grooming is amazing.  We love her lovely smiling face and she is lovely to be around. Kate has developed into a confident, skilled worker and we are really proud of her achievements.

Kim Mills

Kim joined our company in 2012  as a trainee groomer and undertook an apprenticeship with us. Kim is an excellent groomer and if she has one fault it is that she wants to cuddle every dog that comes through the door! Not a fault really! Kim really enjoys grooming Bichons and terrier types. She is especially gifted with Cavashons.

Nikita Doyle (groomer)

Nikita has been with us for over a year.  Nik decided to take up grooming professionally and has undertaken formal grooming training. Nik loves grooming all types of dogs

Janette pic.jpg

Without a good office manager, a business is set to fail.  Janette has been with us for over 3 years now and is usually the person you speak with when you call for an appointment.  Janette makes sure that things run smoothly at our busy salon and generally keeps our team running.

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