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We are a very busy salon, often with upwards of 6 dogs at any one time either waiting to be collected or groomed.


You can probably imagine how devastating it is for us if a dog

comes into the salon with fleas.


Normally, if you are still at the salon and we notice fleas on your

pet we will ask you to re-book the grooming appointment and

return home with your pet to treat the flea infestation before

returning to us.  Sometimes however, we do not realise a dog or

cat has fleas until they are being bathed.  At this point our

“flea action” policy is put in place.  The dog is immediately bathed in

a high grade flea and tick shampoo that is reserved for such incidents.  The salon is then sprayed quickly to try and kill any fleas that may have come off the animal.


Every client that has an appointment for their pet to be groomed that day is informed of the situation and they decide for themselves whether they wish to continue with the appointment and risk their pet picking up fleas or rebook.  Obviously, this means a significant loss of income for each groomer and the business.  We then bath every dog that is in the salon with the same flea and tick shampoo, which is very expensive but effective product.


Once the salon is closed, we fumigate overnight.


Ignoring the loss of income that may arise from the cancellation of any appointments that day, the general cost of shampooing every dog with the flea shampoo and the cleaning and fumigating of the whole salon is costly which is why we have an additional charge of £10 to partly cover our costs.

We are sure you will appreciate how thorough we need to be and why we make this charge, no client wants to take their dog to the groomer and be returned home to them with what can develop into a major and costly flea problem.


My Favourite Pet Shop, next door to the salon sells a range of highly effective flea removal products for both pets and the home.


If you have any questions we are more than happy to help and advise you.

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