Wellness & Spa

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Welcome to Sleek & Chic Grooming, Dog Wellness & Spa.  We offer a range of services as we understand it is not just about making your dog look gorgeous.  Please see our Wellness and Spa section.  We are happy to talk to you about problems with your dog regarding skin issues, ears, nails, etc and we offer a free consultation for teeth with a view to considering the Emmi Pet Ultrasonic teeth cleaning treatment.
All the staff at Sleek & Chic, and there are six of us, love what we do. We want to make your dog’s experience a happy one so that each time they
return to us they do so with a "happy tail." We take time to discuss with you  your requirements and complement that with your dog’s requirements. We believe that communication is paramount, every groomer at Sleek & Chic has the skill and training to groom any breed of dog; it is the communication between the humans that can sometimes become muddled so we try to get this right at the start. 
Bichon Frise need regular grooming. All dogs groomed, nails clipped ears plucke.