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Blueberry Facial with Tear Stain Treatment

​​The unsightly staining around the eyes of a dog can be accompanied by a bad odour and stickiness under the eyes which can form crusts which if left untreated can leave the skin beneath the crust sore and bleeding.  A regular Spa Facial treatment can help reduce the staining and the odour and keep the eyes free from crusting.  The same can be said for a dog’s beard which seems very often to contain half of their dinner!


We use a high-quality facial cleanser for dog facials. The lightly foaming facial cleanser soothes and balances the skin. The mild, concentrated formula has natural exfoliating activity and gently hydrates. The refreshing blend of vanilla and blueberry effectively removes dirt and tear stains, and will not irritate eyes. SPA Facial Cleanser is great for all skin types and pets of all ages.


The cleanser is applied to the face and head of your dog and left for 5 minutes to work its magic.  During this time your dog will receive a gentle head massage, and we all know how good that is! 


You will notice a difference immediately, however, to completely eradicate tear staining the treatment needs to be regular.  


You can book this treatment as part of a regular grooming session with a 10% discount on the treatment.



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