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Something for the wrinklies!

Owning a dog with wrinkles can be a challenge.  Every owner of a wrinkly knows that when it comes to the folds around the face, the Wrinkly beauty is more than just skin deep. There are health issues that can arise if the wrinkles in your dog's face are not properly and routinely cleansed. Our Wrinkley treatment cleans all the crevices on your dog's face and we then administer a totally natural wrinkle balm which has been specifically developed for wrinkly dogs. Wrinkle Balm is fortified with gentle, yet powerful extracts with anti-fungal properties that eradicate yeast, bacteria, and crusty buildup. Loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, it improves skin fold condition and prevents future impurity.


Wrinkle Balm is essential for treating and preventing:

  • Skin fold dermatitis

  • Yeast and bacterial infections

  • Redness, chaffing, inflammation

  • Crusty build up

  • Sores, pimples, scabbing

  • Interdigital cysts

  • Itchy & flaky skin | hair loss | baldness

  • Unpleasant odor

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